How we are different?

Transparent Pricing from the very word go!

When it comes to purchasing file hosting plans, what appears ‘free’ in the beginning always ends up with a mammoth cost in the end. In short, nothing comes for free and nothing is too good to be true. But we beg to differ as far as the second aspect is concerned, because we do strive to make it to our superlative best. All our pricing plans are revealed from the very word go. Hidden costs that spring up later (and frankly scare the hell out of anyone) are not our thing. So if transparent prices are what you’re on the lookout for, congrats for landing up at the right place!

Customized Plans for Individuals and Companies

Prior to coming together and setting up this online file hosting venue, we have meticulously segregated our files hosting packages for individuals and corporate clients. Owing to years of market experience, we understand that your requirements as an individual entity and that of representing a corporate entity are totally different. It is therefore vital that the plans be customized differently, aptly and that is exactly what we have done here for our valued customers. We work with partners such as to ensure transparency! 

24/7 Support and Technical Assistance

There can be nothing more frustrating than a sheer lack of proper after-sale service. Trust us, we’ve all been there in some industry or other. Which is why, we make absolutely sure about not leaving any scope for complaint. From the 24/7 Live Chat Option, to our toll free phone number and customer care email id, any kind of technical assistance that you seek is just one step away!

100% Data Security Guarantee

Security is the biggest priority when it comes to file hosting or sharing, and there can be no two qualms about it. Whether it is the fundamental question of Data Encryption or the various aspects pertaining to access and integrity security, and finally the pivotal area of ownership security, we have paid heed to all of these points in totality.

Incredible Ease of Use

We believe that as far as most of our competitors are concerned, this is a widely neglected area. Boasting is definitely not a good idea, but we most certainly hold an upper edge this area, given the utmost ease of use that our file hosting and sharing services are centered on. User-friendliness is the no.1 parameter accorded to our technical team that designs and streamlines the file hosting pathway on the whole. So it could have to do with file syncing and sharing, system compatibility, downloading and installing updates, the critical area of content caching, or just simple personal file storage, you can be rest assured of incredible, hassle-free usage and fuss-free processes. In fact, we have in many ways redefined one-click hosting which you will get to see when you start to avail our services.