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What is the Future of Technology in Education?


Technology has changed the way we look at education. You no longer have to go to libraries or scan through multiple racks of bookshelves to get information about something. In today’s world, you get any information you want with just a click of a button. Technology has played a central role in almost every aspect of our lives. As new technologies keep adding, we can say that kids who go to kindergarten today will end up with jobs we don’t even have today. We cannot really define the technologies that will alter the education system. All we can say is how the technology we have now can change tomorrow’s education system.


Digitalised classrooms:

Digitalised classrooms are slowly replacing chalkboards. There would be no need to use papers and students wouldn’t have to use notebooks to take notes. Various study materials and records can be stored in a cloud where students can download the files. There are many universities and schools where this kind of education system is already implemented, but it has not reached everyone worldwide. Students will be able to visualize and learn things in a much better way as they have laptops and computers.

There might be no physical campus:

As you have Wi-Fi and internet connections almost everywhere in the world, students can connect from wherever they want. No longer does one have to come to a class and attend the lecture of a professor. With the technology we have today we can record the lecture and watch it whenever we want.

Learning and testing patterns will change:

Testing patterns will definitely change. Students will be asked to take up projects instead of tests, and they will be evaluated based on their critical thinking. Maths might be taught more practically in a way that students can solve real-time problems that relate to the subject.

Role of teachers will change:

Teachers will no longer be the best source of information. With students being able to access any information they want, they no longer will depend on their teachers to teach them about a particular subject. The main role of a teacher would be to guide students as innovators. Teachers need to let children do things in their own way.

Education will be available to everyone:

Though a majority of people in the first world countries have access to education, there are many students in the third world countries who have never stepped into a school; this will change when technology reaches everyone. As education will be available to everyone, jobs will be in more demand, and since we cannot comment on the jobs of the future, there might be jobs for every educated person in the world.  As the collaboration and flexibility increases, people start to move across the globe and get a brilliant experience.

Major Reasons why Technology is so Important Today


If you are a baby boomer, you will understand the tremendous change that technology has brought into this world. Just take a look around you and count how many of these would have been around you just a few years back. It just seems like we had telegraph to deliver instant messages, but in a few years, we have this thing call the smartphone in which you can practically do anything. Life must have certainly been a rollercoaster ride for many baby boomers. Technology has done both good and bad. The following are some of the things why technology is so important in today’s world:



We can’t think of a world without communication. We can instantaneously contact anyone from any part of the world in no time. With the development of communication system, people have started to become aware of all the things in the world. Various people have begun to travel around the world for job opportunities. Businesses had the possibility to gain a broader crowd. Trade markets and other means of exchanges have evolved just because of the field of communication has shown a significant growth.

Education system:

Technology has changed the way we look at education. Students can learn efficiently, and they have the privilege of getting information with just a click of a button. With computers and laptops, students get to learn visually and understand things in a better way. Student exchanges between countries have become very common as communication has developed.  Many students have the opportunity to travel across the world to peruse their career.

Business and job opportunities:

If only there were no internet, most of the businesses we see today would not be there. The internet is one of the core things that keep various companies on the market. Without the internet, the IT industry would have never come into the picture. When there are no IT industries, there would be no consultancies or software markets.


We have so many appliances to help us with our daily needs. Our homes are filled with smart devices that are connected to our smartphones, and we can control it from anywhere we want. You can sit at home and order things to be delivered to your doorstep, and you have the cashless banking which is slowly being replaced by cryptocurrencies. We have used technology to build dams and other things to protect us from natural calamities. The field of civil engineering has helped us to save space by creating huge skyscrapers.

Automotive industry:

The models of cars which are on the market are top notch. Manufacturers use various technologies to make sure that the people in the vehicle are protected in case of an accident. You have lots of options for entertainment in your car, and you also have a gadget helping you with all the directions and traffic. Soon car drivers will be replaced as manufacturers are keen on investigating automation in automotive industries.


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